Hello, and welcome to Photosynthesis. This is a small tribute to EVE of the Disney•Pixar film WALL•E. Though she is a robot, EVE is full of personality and emotion. As a character she grows beautifully throughout the course of the movie and forms a sweet, touching relationship with WALL•E. Truly a character to be admired, I've come to recognize EVE as one of my favorites from the genius minds of Pixar. So what better way to show her some love than dedicate her a little webspace? ;)

This site was created for the One-Page Shrine Marathon at Amassment, so everything you need is right here on this page. As a last note, this site assumes the reader has already seen WALL•E, but even if you have, I recommend you read the sections titled "directive" and "all that love's about" in the order they appear. Thanks so much for visiting and I do hope you enjoy your stay! If you have any comments or questions, my email is below.

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October 31, 2016 - What the what?? A new layout? Yes indeed, after what I think is 5 years, Photosynthesis has a brand new layout! I doubt it would have happened (at least not by now) if it weren't for the Shrine Revamp Marathon at Amassment, so thanks to this wonderful community for the inspiration/motivation! I wanted to do more than just a new layout, but that is all I managed to complete for now. I definitely intend to do some content rewriting and add images in the future, though, so keep a look out for that. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the new look. :)

• intro to wall•e


WALL•E is the 9th film released by Pixar Animation Studios. It is rated G with a runtime of approx. 98 minutes. The short film accompanying it is Presto. WALL•E won the 2009 Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film, among many other awards, and was nominated for several other achievements. The movie was released to theatres in June of 2008 (USA). Currently it is ranked as the 61st best film at IMDb.


The film is set hundreds of years in the future, after humans have left the barren wasteland that Earth has become, and now live in outer space on board starships (the ship known as Axiom being the "jewel of the fleet" and major setting of the movie). The only sign of life on Earth is a little robot named WALL•E and his cockroach friend. Though he is a diligent worker, WALL•E has an appreciation for human trinkets and the fine arts of music and dancing (he is clearly a fan of Hello, Dolly!).

Everything changes for him when a spacecraft delivers a sleek new robot named EVE to Earth. Her mission is to search for plant life on the planet, and when WALL•E inadvertently accomplishes her duty for her, he finds himself following her back to the Axiom. On this ship in the middle of space, the two robots form an unbreakable bond, all while changing the fate of humankind and Earth alike.

• basic profile

EVE is a highly sophisticated probe droid sent to Earth in hopes of finding a plant, which would mean life is once again sustainable on the planet. She is highly focused on her directive, and has no hesitation in blasting anything that may be a threat to her.

When first meeting WALL•E, she blasts at him until she sees he is a harmless robot. She also ignores him. This comes as a disappointment to WALL•E, who was smitten with her the moment he saw her. EVE does show kindness toward the cockroach, though, heh.

EVE is not a unique robot, in terms of her make. There are many other EVE units, though none of them have found plant life before. That is what sets apart EVE from the others, and when her ship comes to take her back to the Axiom, you can see that she is the only EVE to have a blinking green plant symbol.

EVE is voiced by Elissa Knight, who also voiced Tia (one of the twins) in Cars.

equipped with

• Binocular LED Visual Input/Output Display
• Anti-Gravity Magnetic Airframe

• design

EVE's appearance is a sharp contrast to WALL•E's. Whereas WALL•E looks time-worn and is rusted, EVE looks shiny and new. She's a bright, pure white, which is only interrupted by the black of her face. Her frame is rounded, while WALL•E's body is square.

When she is awake/active, EVE's head and arms are clearly distinct from her body. She can choose whether she wants to extend a hand as well, which includes fingers for grasping. (A good thing, as she needs those fingers to clasp with WALL•E's. ;)) But if she doesn't, her arms strongly resemble the flippers of a sea mammal. For functionality's sake, EVE's arms are equipped with blasters that she can be seen using for both defense and also establishing order (as with GO-4).

When I see EVE, I am often reminded of an iPod. Except for the fact that iPods are rectangular, EVE's appearance closely resembles that of the little musical devices. This all makes sense, however, as EVE's designer is none other than Jonathan Ive - designer of the iPod. (And just a fun fact, an iPod can actually be seen amid the treasures in WALL•E's truck!)

• name

EVE stands for Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator. It is a description of EVE's directive, which is to search for plant life on Earth. Additionally, the name EVE was chosen because Andrew Stanton named her after the Biblical figure Eve, the first woman created by God. Consider how WALL•E may be Adam in that he is all alone (save for the cockroach), until he finally gets to meet another robot. Other Biblical references surrounding EVE are that she is similar to the dove which carried the olive branch in Noah's Ark. EVE is pure white, as doves usually are, and though WALL•E seems to be more associated as the one holding the little plant in the shoe (ex.), it was EVE whose objective it was to find and return the plant to the Axiom. She also carries it inside her "body" back to the ship and delivers it to the Captain the second time around. (Source: Wikipedia)

• directive

EVE's directive is something she will not share with WALL•E. When he asks about it, she simply responds, "Classified." However, it's shortly after this that her directive is revealed, albeit by accident.

When WALL•E takes EVE into his truck to shelter her from a sandstorm, he introduces her to many new and wondrous things, all of which are the remnants of humans. Among them are a singing novelty fish, lightbulb, Rubik's Cube, Hello, Dolly!, and most importantly, a plant which WALL•E found not long before EVE's arrival.

Scanning the plant, EVE's directive-driven system takes over and she gathers the little green lifeform in her body cavity and shuts down. She is evenutally picked up by her carrier spacecraft and taken back to the Axiom (WALL•E by her side the whole way).

On the Axiom it is revealed that EVE, and all other EVE probes, are sent to look for forms of plant life on Earth. And should they find any, then "Operation Recolonization" (called OR from here on) will go into effect. OR is the return of humans to Earth after it has been deemed life-sustaining once again, as proven by the existence of plant life on the planet. Once a plant that is known to be from Earth is placed in the ship's Holo-Detector, the Axiom will automatically jump into hyperdrive and return to Earth.

EVE is unyielding in carrying out her directive, and she is not alone in ensuring the plant's safe delivery to the Holo-Detector. By this point, though, she no longer considers her directive important because it is her directive. Rather, it's because of the importance of getting back to Earth for WALL•E's sake. Though her directive is the same, the drive behind it is what's changed. And as such, EVE has changed as well.

• all that love's about

While it is love at first sight for WALL•E, love is clearly the farthest thing from EVE's mind when she arrives on Earth. She is indifferent towards WALL•E until the two find themselves sitting together watching a fleet of ships burn down. It's at this time that they really begin to interact with and learn about each other.

EVE appears to become more comfortable with WALL•E quickly, giggling when he tries to pronouce her name ("Ee-vah!"). But she is still wary when he gets too close to her, until a sandstorm comes along and WALL•E grabs her hand to escort her to the safety of his truck. Here again he reaches for her, longing to hold hands with her, but she pulls away. In his truck, WALL•E shows EVE all the wonders of the human race: a Rubik's cube, a lighter, and the act of dancing. And of course, the plant he found, which ultimately will bring him and EVE closer together.

When EVE sees the plant, her programming takes over. She takes in the little life form and shuts down, much to WALL•E's confusion. Seeing that it is hopeless to try and wake her, he takes care of her in her shut-down state. He shelters her from sand and rain, and takes her on dates. Sadly, EVE isn't aware of any of this, otherwise she would see how much WALL•E cares about her. So much so that he will follow her anywhere, including back to the Axiom when she is returned there by her delivery ship.

In the Captain's station on the Axiom, the plant is nowhere to be found when EVE is awakened and inspected. A misunderstanding leads her to become angry with WALL•E, thinking he took and lost the precious life form. But EVE soon discovers that WALL•E played no part in the plant's disappearance. He even manages to return it to her after he narrowly escapes being destroyed in a self-destructing escape pod. EVE is elated to see him safe, and gives him a hug and kiss when she sees the plant is as well. What follows is one of the film's most magical and beautiful scenes, in which WALL•E and EVE dance around the Axiom, outer space their ballroom. It would appear that she's definitely warmed up to him by now.

It is not until later, after a struggle against the Axiom's stubborn and corrupt autopilot Auto, that EVE shows she cares for WALL•E more than her directive. WALL•E, damaged by Auto, gives EVE the plant, but she simply pushes it aside. She holds up a hand, signaling that she wants WALL•E to take it in his.

Unfortunately, just when EVE is ready to hold hands with him, WALL•E is clearly in need of spare parts that are back home on Earth. Once again, the plant becomes important to EVE, but only because it is the key to WALL•E's well-being. Once the little green life form is placed in the ship's Holo-Detector, the Axiom is hurled towards Earth. Upon arrival, EVE rushes to repair and power-up WALL•E. He's back to functioning perfectly, but is not the WALL•E EVE knows; he is only a machine fixed on his directive. Desperate, EVE clasps his hand in hers, gives him a goodbye kiss, and goes to pull away.

...but she can't. WALL•E's fingers wrap around hers, his eyes refocus, and he utters an "Ee-vah?" He's back, and EVE is as thrilled to see the old WALL•E as he is to see that, finally, she's holding his hand.

The story ends with the two robots perched hand-in-hand inside WALL•E's truck. Just as the Earth is getting a fresh new start, so are EVE and WALL•E. They were able to show each other different worlds, opening the other's eyes to the wonders of space and Earth alike. And the one thing they both discovered in each other? Love.

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• site & exits


WALL•E had me at hello. There is nothing about this movie I don't love. Everything from the characters to the story to the music is simply beautiful and captivating. EVE is truly a wonderful presence in the film who proves that robots are not always "just robots"; they can have feelings and emotions and a bigger purpose in life than what they were built for. Plus, she's very much a strong, kick-butt female. I found myself wanting to make something for her, so I saw the One Page Shrine marathon at Amassment as the perfect opportunity to create a space on the web for EVE.

the layout

This is version 03 of Photosynthesis. It was uploaded on October 31, 2016. I really wanted to do a spacey look for the site's next layout, and this was the result. I'm pleased with it and I hope you are, too. :) Credits can be found here.

the name

I wanted something that related to EVE's directive, which is to search for vegetation on Earth. I like the idea of photosynthesis because it is a process, or a change, and EVE changes throughout the movie, going from focused entirely on her directive to caring for WALL•E more than anything. There also happens to be a quote in the movie, stated by Shelby Forthright, that includes the word "photosynthesis," though I don't remember it exactly (I'll have to make a note of it on my next re-watch!).

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